Pay With Amazon

Payment Processing

With our newest feature that you won’t find anywhere else or in the ‘other’ shopping carts, is the ability to let your customers ‘Pay With Amazon’ or use as a payment gateway. Consumers already loving paying with Amazon, so why not give them that option to sell your products or services? Studies have shown […]

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Custom Order Form Builder

Order Forms

Our Custom Order Forms feature allows you to build fully customized order forms quickly and easily using our simple to use WYSWYG editor. Now you don’t need a programmer or a designer to design your order pages!                                           […]

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1-Click Mobile Payments

Mobile,Order Forms

1-Click Mobile Payments is here… and it’s a game-changer. Facebook announced in USA Today last year that over 60% of it’s advertising is coming from mobile devices. More recently, Mark Zuckerberg stated is was more like 65%. But who wants to click on an ad, and have to type in all of their personal billing […]

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