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Our new custom upsell page builder allow you to fully customize your own upsell and downsell pages.

No other system allows you this level of flexibility where you can literally create your own upsell pages on the fly, without needing a programmer or being limited to other people’s templates.

Our WSYWG editor (Stands for ‘What You See is What You Get’ is familiar to anyone who has used Microsoft Word in the past. It’s that easy.

Here are some highlights of the Cydec Custom Upsell Builder:

Full Design Control – HTML & CSS

Unlimited Product Usells – sell as many products as you want on a single upsell page

Unlimited Product Types – sell one-time, recurring, trial, physical, optional and / or bundled products on a single upsell page!

1-Click Processing – process all the products in the upsell package with a single click!

Multiple Payment Processors – use different processors for each upsell page!

Unlimited Combinations – each upsell page allows you to choose the action for a “Yes” and a “No” response!

For each Custom Upsell Page, you design it to look and feel any way you want – embed audio, video, graphics and a sales letter.

And the best part is…

You have access to the HTML code to the page. So you can truly customize each section to your hearts desire.

Add customer images and/or video?

No problem!

You can even bundle any number and kinds of products together as a forced bundle or optional bundle. Then send your customers to another upsell if they say “Yes,” and downsell if they say “No,” or send them straight to the customer center either way.

Because each Custom Upsell Page allows you to send your customer to another upsell or downsell, you can chain as many offers together as you want – your back-end is literally unlimited!

Similarly, you can create an unlimited number of fully customized ‘Thank You’ pages, so you are not limited to having one generic ‘Thank You’ pages for all of your different products.

We believe the customer experience should be seamless from start to finish.

Finally, the only limitations on your marketing efforts are your own creativity!


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