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Our Custom Order Forms feature allows you to build fully customized order forms quickly and easily using our simple to use WYSWYG editor.

Now you don’t need a programmer or a designer to design your order pages!

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Here are some other great additional benefits of this popular feature:      


Total Design Control

You now have access to the full HTML source code of your order forms. You can change the look and feel by accessing the HTML code, editing the layout, adding images, text, video, design and even custom CSS (see video below).

So you can blend your order forms into your site to give your customers a warm fuzzy feeling as they go through the ordering process, and that they are not leaving your site.    


Adding Video to Order Forms

Adding video to your order forms and upsells pages is also easy!

Simply copy and paste your video ebmed codes or an IFRAME into your order form’s HTML as in the video above. It’s that simple

Adding video to your order forms and upsell pages dramatically increases sales conversions, because it engages the visitor.

The reason most people don’t add video to their order pages, is because they can’t access to the code, or it’s very difficult to do so (without a programmer)

With Cydec — it’s easy and fast.         


Product Bundles

Now you can include any number of different products or product combinations on a single order form.

They can be a combination of physical and digital. They can be required or optional, which is helpful if you’re offering free-trial bonuses or other optional continuity products.

They can free or any price you want. They can be recurring with or without a trial. You can even include multiple recurring products on the same order form! The possibilities are endless with this level of flexibility.       


Optional Continuity

This is one of the biggest buzz words online today, and now you can do it without spending a small fortune on custom programming!

With the Custom Order Forms feature, you can add optional (or forced) continuity to any product you’re currently selling (or any you come up with in the future).

This feature alone will produce a return on investment many times over on your monthly service fee with us. Let us know if you come up with more creative ways to use this exciting new feature!      


Custom CSS

You can easily match the look and feel of your order forms to your website.

To do this, simply download the CSS default template, and have your designer modify this file with the background and other colors / formatting you like, and then just upload the new file to as many of your order pages and upsells as you want.

You can have as many different CSS file versions as you want, one for each order form.

Here are some of the pre-built available templates:

And here are some user examples:

Example 1  |  Example 2  |  Example 3  (with video)


Custom TOS

You can also add your own custom Terms of Service file to your order forms, if you want to add your full TOS to your forms, but only show a scrolling window of your Terms of Service that the user has to agree to before ordering, now you can!

Custom TOS


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