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1-Click Mobile Payments is here… and it’s a game-changer.

Facebook announced in USA Today last year that over 60% of it’s advertising is coming from mobile devices. More recently, Mark Zuckerberg stated is was more like 65%.

USA Today

USA Today Article

But who wants to click on an ad, and have to type in all of their personal billing information and credit card number info?

Nobody. Especially if you fat-finger the information and have to start over.

So we’ve just completed our integration with a leading mobile payments provider, to offer Cydec users the ability to offer 1-click mobile payments!

1 Click Mobile Payments

So now your users will be able to just click on their securely stored credit card or payment method of choice, enter the CCV number, and they’re done!

We’re proud to be the first hosted shopping cart to be able to offer this new feature, that is just one more example of how we’re innovating the fastest and giving you powerful money-making features that other services just can’t compare to.

Coming Soon — Apple iPay and Stripe mobile payments

Apple iPayStripe


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