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This new feature is truly a game-changer for Cydec users…

We’re happy to announce that Cydec is now integrated with Zapier!

Through the Zapier API platform, you can easily integrate with over 250 other popular web-applications… This opens up virtually unlimited possibilities for Cydec uers, who can now setup Triggers & Actions with all of the various other 3rd party technologies they work with.

Let’s look at some examples.

With this new integration, let’s say that when you either gained a new email subscriber, made a sale, or had a new affiliate register in your Cydec system you also wanted to automatically have that new lead added to Basecamp for your support team to follow up with a welcome call, have an instant notification of the new lead added to Slack, trigger a voice-message or a SMS, and had the lead added to a popular CRM such as SalesForce, Zoho, or OnePageCRM.

The image above shows just a small sampling of these other other integrated technologies.

To see a full list click here.

Here’s another example.

Let’s say that when a new webinar registrant signs up in GoToWebinar you want that lead to be added to your own in-house autoresponder in Cydec to receive nice looking HTML messages.

Here you would just choose GoToWebinar from the list of available companies, using their easy to use search by to scan through the hundreds of other integrations as you can see below.GoToZap2

Next, all you have to do is connect to your GoToWebinar account with your username and password and select the ‘Trigger‘ that you would like to pass, such a new webinar registration.

Then add your Cydec account in a similar fashion, and choose the ‘Action‘ you would like to take, such as adding that new webinar registration or lead to a new subscriber list in Cydec.

Zapier has an easy to use mapping feature, that once connected to your Cydec account, will ‘talk’ to Cydec and show the different available fields to pass the data to, such as First Name, Last Name, Email, etc.


Using the + symbol above, we could then even add additional steps to this process, like having the new lead pass to Slack to notify your key team members that a new webinar registration has just occurred (while Cydec has already sent them a new email)…

It’s truly amazing, and you no longer have to be ‘stuck’ with other CRM system’s proprietary versions of your favorite tools like with InfusionSoft.

You can even tie into InfusionSoft, although we’re not sure why you would ever need to. With this new Zapier integration, Cydec integrates with virtually ALL of your other favorite platforms which you can see more of here like WordPress, Wufoo, Google Contacts, Active Campaign, Basecamp, Hubspot, Zoho CRM, EventBrite, GitHub, Instagram, ZenDesk and many more!

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