New Module: Customer Center


The customer center is a full-featured CRM tool that gives you the power to build relationships with your customers, enabling you to sell more with less effort. Your customers log into your dedicated Customer Center and access a host of tools to make their experience with you even better. Imagine how these features will help you increase your revenues:

  • Integrated Help Desk allows your customers to submit support tickets to you and keeps a historical record of your correspondence. When replying, you or your staff can choose from pre-written templates vastly improving your customer service speed and efficiency.
  • Searchable FAQ’s give your customers instant answers to your most frequently asked questions. Customers can search your FAQ database, and the system automatically offers possible responses to support tickets before they get submitted to you.
  • Dynamic Help Files reduce your support even further by providing your customers with a robust Microsoft-style help system. Your customers get an interactive table of contents and a searchable index, presented in a format they’re already familiar with
  • Order History shows your customers a history of every order they’ve placed with you including the status of each order. This way your customers can quickly see if their order has been processed or if a refund has been issued without having to ask you!
  • Digital Delivery Management allows your customers to download digital products they’re purchased from you at any time during the download period you’ve set. By default downloads expire after 24 hours, but you can choose to extend this for any length of time you want giving you and instant upsell or value-add to your offer. And it’s all completely automatic!
  • Customer Specials give you a way to offer special discounts or customer-only products inside your Customer Center. Special deals and discounts are a proven method for increasing your revenues!
  • Email Message History shows your customers a list of every email correspondence you’ve sent to them. This way if they miss an email in the Inbox, they can simply log into your Customer Center and pull it up. Email is becoming less reliable daily, but with this powerful feature you’ll never lose contact again!
  • Personal Info Manager let’s your customers edit their communication details and preferences, as well as their billing and shipping information. This feature alone will save you countless hours of administration.

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