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How to 2x, 3x Even 10x Your Sales

It sounds great, but does it work in reality? Yes.

Unfortunately most people (including many of the big-name “Gurus”) are getting this wrong and potentially leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table, possibly more…

If you think about it, what chances do people have of ever seeing your upsell offers (where most experts would agree is where the real money is…)

If your website visitors are leaving your sales order page?

The answer is almost zero.

The problem with most websites is that it seems is the offer is strictly a “Yes” or “No” decision.

This is a mistake.

Marketing legend Dan Kennedy says that “There is a price for every person, and a person for every price.” This implies that if you’re only giving people one option or price point to buy from you, you’re missing out on multiple layers of opportunity by not getting them into your funnel.

With our coaching students, we always recommend that you start with their high(er) priced core-offers first. Because there is a certain percentage of people who will usually take this offer, and who see the value up front, and are willing to purchase.

However, if they are not ready to purchase…

For example if the price is too high, or they are not ready to make that kind of investment in your company (or you) to start out with, doesn’t it make sense to then present them with a different offer they may be more interested in?

V Selling2

Click here to get the infographic and watch the V-selling video

This could be in the form of a discounted ‘lite’ version of your product, a slightly different product entirely, a payment plan, an ‘a-la-carte’ option vs. the full-price bundle, or any number of different price / value options including all the way down to a Free Trial.

If you are NOT doing this, you are leaving potential sales on the table. Plain and simple.

We’ve tested this extensively, and generated millions of dollars on upsells into higher priced upgrades, continuity programs (memberships) and other products.

But this ONLY works if the customer has entered the upsell cycle, and has given you their credit card information.

Then and only then can you push them through your upsell sequence, and here we’re assuming you’re using a platform like Cydec that utilizes 1-click upsell technology so the customer doesn’t have to re-enter their credit card info.

There’s a reason every successful marketer uses this concept, from the ‘Sham-Wow’ guy and virtually every infomercial, to McDonalds (Want fries with that?)

Sham Wow Mcd

Make sense right? Intuitively most would agree. But the problem, and the reason that most online merchants don’t offer this is because it’s too hard to setup.

One of the reasons we built this into Cydec, is so that people could use this technology in their own businesses and to make it easy to setup and use.

So how do you get people into another offer as a downsell on the front-end?

Easy. Using video exit-pop ups when the visitor tries to leave the ORDER page.

Exit Pop UpClick here to read about video exit pop-ups on order pages

When the potential tries to leave the page, show them a better offer… ideally with a streaming video, so that you can further engage and build relationship, and show that you understand they are not ready to make a bigger commitment just yet.

Now, most would agree that exit-pop ups can be annoying on the initial sales pages of a website. But it’s a completely different mentality on the order page.

Users don’t want to see an exit-offer from a sales page, because they haven’t expressed any interest in the offer to start with!

But once they have clicked through to the order page, it’s usually a completely different mindset and is most often a price / value issue that causes them to try and leave.

Solve this price/value inequality, which is different for each person, and you’ll get up to 50% more visitors to buy, and using things like exit-pop ups with video, our users are seeing up to an 80% reduction in shopping cart abandonment. Yes.


So now hopefully it makes sense, that by re-capturing up to 80% of your otherwise abandoning traffic, getting them into your funnel at some level, then and only then showing them your upsell offers, you can see sales increases of 2x, 3x, and in some cases we’ve even seen 10x increases in same customer order value.

One of the other reasons that using post-order upsells works so well is because of the psychological phenomenon of “Consistency of Commitment” in which Robert Cialdini (Author of ‘Triggers’) talks about how people will seek to defend a prior decision by acting in accordance with that decision in the future (Ie: Justifying their initial purchase decision, by buying more from you).

We’ve used these principals to generate literally millions of dollars in our past businesses, and have made this same technology available to you, for you to use and make more money in your business.


Results are not typical. While this was our experience using this technology in a prior
company and product, your results will vary and may very likely be less than ours. 

For more information about how to to use V-selling in your online business, visit www.cydec.com and register for a free online demo today.



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