iContact Integration


Cydec is fully integrated with iContact. Create mailings from Cydec that are sent through your iContact account. Use Cydec to easily create subscription forms, then mail those subscribers through iContact. Easily import your iContact list to Cydec.

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Order Cancels Order


We’ve just rolled out some exciting new functionality. Simply setup the OCO at the product level. Then, if a customer upgrades from one subscription to another, the system will cancel the initial subscription and associated billing. This will also automatically unsubscribe your customer from old mailing lists and subscribe to new ones attached to each […]

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Improved “Quick Buy” Custom Order Form


Now, you can have the increased functionality of the Custom Order Form (COF) without having to create a new form for each product. All you have to do is set up one Custom Order Form Template then you have a specialized order form for each product. Just drop the product’s COF link into your website […]

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